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„Soft whispers of wisdom caressing ears, floating by like a calm breeze, almost not palpable. An enthralling scent of excitement soaring through minds, making its way through their entire body, getting stronger and stronger. Soft heralds of the universe, delivering the energies of liberation, leading awaken souls to higher grounds. Those who have their consciousness wide open will feel the calling of the galaxies. Those who have faith will witness the harbinger of the golden age...“

A collection of unique photography collectibles, aiming for a positive impact on the NFT industry & IRL nature!

Each series consists of carefully handpicked & created fine art alpine digital photography 1/1 or special edition collectibles of various rarity, style and media.


„I closed my eyes & entered a new reality. A reality of art & love healing the world. A reality of freedom & indepence nurturing our connections with the universe. A reality of letting our souls fly to heights we never dared dreaming about before. A bright, colorful, deep & playful reality of creativity, intuition, healing & self-revelation. It is time to enter this new world and let our unique energies manifest our artistic potential – the artist angels we're meant to be“






1/3 ALPINE SHADES lead collectibles incl. 50 Shades Of Glacier (50SG) on Opensea, release date Sep. 1st, 2021

The #50ShadesOfGlacier first ever #NFTphotoCollectibles project is a part of the historic documentation of Swiss glaciers,in a fine artistically scope, visually & palpable transporting beauty, emotions & awareness. Lets save the ice together!

SOLD OUT !!! please check the secondary market for listed pieces

NFT art collection of photography* 1/1 collectibles and special editions, taken at different Swiss alpine regions. They portray the diversity of landscape scenes and moods which can be found on these higher grounds, all magical and pure at the same time. The colors, moods and different attributes are ranked by rarity in nature and are linked to decreasing reserve prices, premium gallery prints for first collectors and a broad set of utility, perks, raffles, airdrops and more along the way for hodlers and secondary collectors.
*no composites/photo collages work; all real landscapes!

 2/3 ALPINE LIGHTS (AL) series on Foundation, release date Aug. 3rd, 2021

NFT series of visual impulses of transformation. The artworks invite you to explore their elements, feel their energy & impulses to the core, using their power to get receptive, inspired, energized & embraced by the waves of universal infinite possibilities...get connected with your inner light & peace.

 3/3 MOUNTAIN's MANIFEST (MM) series

coming soon


a) Early collector rewards

All early collectors (collectors who bought within 24h after launch) profit from the following benefits:

  • Chance of winning a 1/1 special edition NFT inc. medium premium gallery print from the ALPINE SHADES collectibles
  • One (1) extra entry in future raffles
  • 24h pre-sale phase for future drops


b) Hodler rewards

  • Monthly airdrops of 50/50 special edition NFTs from the ALPINE SHADES collectibles
  • Extra raffle entries for certain rarity ranks (RR): RR0=5 extra; RR1-9=3 extra; RR10-19=2 extra; RR20-29=1 extra; RR30-50= none;
  • Monthly raffles for 1/1 special edition NFTs from the ALPINE SHADES collectibles
  • Quarterly raffles for stunning medium & small sized premium gallery prints and cool merch items
  • Annual raffles for one (1) freakin wild alpine adventure photo tour in the Swiss Alps
  • Annual EXTRA raffles for collectors hodling ≥10 NFTs (across all collections & series)


c) Secondary sales rewards (UP flips only)

  • 1% of artist royalties flow back to seller!
  • One (1) 50/50 special edition NFT airdroped
  • One (1) extra entry at the next raffle, if he still hodls original collectibles or series editions (not special edtions)


d) Participating in meaningful and impactful missions rewards

  • 1% from artist royalties flow into ALPS 4 ARTISTS Fund (A4A) to support emerging NFT artists
  • 1% from artist royalties are donated to reputable nature preservation initiatives and projects by community vote
  • 25% from resales or auctions proceeds flow into A4A Fund to support emerging NFT artists
  • 25% from resales or auctions proceeds are donated to reputable nature preservation initiatives and projects by community vote



  • wildalps_DominiqueWEISS_50shadesofglacier_#1
  • wildalps_DominiqueWEISS_50shadesofglacier_#10
  • wildalps_DominiqueWEISS_50shadesofglacier_#15
  • wildalps_DominiqueWEISS_50shadesofglacier_#21
  • wildalps_DominiqueWEISS_50shadesofglacier_#11
  • wildalps_DominiqueWEISS_50shadesofglacier_#2
  • wildalps_DominiqueWEISS_50shadesofglacier_#19
  • wildalps_DominiqueWEISS_50shadesofglacier_#24
  • wildalps_DominiqueWEISS_50shadesofglacier_#32
  • wildalps_DominiqueWEISS_50shadesofglacier_#22
  • wildalps_DominiqueWEISS_50shadesofglacier_#33
  • wildalps_DominiqueWEISS_50shadesofglacier_#23
  • wildalps_DominiqueWEISS_50shadesofglacier_#29
  • wildalps_DominiqueWEISS_50shadesofglacier_#3
  • wildalps_DominiqueWEISS_50shadesofglacier_#35


OS AlpineShades Fund

FND AlpineShades Fund

1) Artists 4 Artists (A4A) Fund

We believe that building & sustaining a healthy NFT art industry is cruicial for the NFT market. ALPINE SHADES's vision is to play a substancial part in the future growth and development of the NFT art space and plans on realizing this with the following missions:

  • Reinvesting 1% from artist royalties into emerging NFT artists of all media & niches and building a collection for future reselling
  • Reinvesting 25% from future resales into emerging NFT artists of all media & niches


2) 50SG Fund

Alpine glaciers shape our landscape & play an important role in hydropower + the local drinking water supply. Like the polar regions, they are particularly hard hit by climate change. Dealing responsibly with nature is our only chance to preserve it for future generations. #50ShadesOfGlacier will raise awareness on acting responsibly in nature & will support reputable initiatives + projects aiming to preserve glaciers. Switzerland stands out as one of the countries with the longest records of glacier changes, and long​term observations are crucial in order to understand the impact of glacier retreat on water resources or hydropower production. 50SG-Fund will act first nationally & will expand globally, if funds allow.

  • 1% from artist royalties are donated to reputable nature preservation initiatives and projects by community vote
  • 25% from resales or auctions proceeds are donated to reputable nature preservation initiatives and projects by community vote



As the first #NFTphotoCollectibles on the blockchain with properties linked to a rarity ranking and benefites for collectors, the #50ShadesOfGlacier collection is as unique as it can get, when it comes to rarity determination. The property "rarity in nature" is linked to the traits mood, color, print size & reserve price structure of the collectibles. The "rarity rank" is based on the rarity of the traits mountain shape, clouds intensity, uniqueness & rarity in nature. The lower the rarity rank, the higher the rarity, which is linked to the following benefits in raffles:

Rarity Rank


1 - 9

10 - 19

20 - 29

30 - 50

Extra entries in raffles






special edition 1/1 NFT for auctions (soon)



ALPINE LIGHTS and MOUNTAIN'S MANIFEST are both series of 1/1 "freakin rare" NFTs only.




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