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"Escape" at the Tokyo Art Expo !

Wildalps Adventures is going to Tokyo!

The international multi award winning fine art landscape photographer Dominique Weiss will be exhibiting her magic realism art pieces at the Tokyo contemporary art exhibition The Tokyo Art Expo from May 27 - 30 at the beating heart of the capital Shibuya, Tokyo.
She will be showing three handpicked fine art landscape limited edition art pieces out of her series "Escape".
If you are in Tokyo you should check it out!

View the website here...

About the series "Escape" (View the series here... ):
The series "Escape" was created inmidst of the second lockdown in Switzerland in 2021. It is dedicated to all 264 million people worldwide struggling with mental health during these depressing pandemic times. Escape shows their longing for a freedom and peace state of mind, a creation of independence and liberty, a mindset of chances and opportunities. Escaping the fog, the dense sea of clouds of our times and making it to higher grounds.

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