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"A Day With The Kings" now available on Wildalps Adventures!

Fine art limited edition series A Day With The Kings is now available on Wildalps Adventures!
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All artworks from international multi awarded Wildalps Adventures photographer Dominique Weiss' fine art photography series A Day With The Kings are now available on Wildalps Adventures.
The images are single shots on location at the Swiss alpine highlands Switzerland, in autumn 2020.
Each art piece comes in different sizes from small to oversized and has ten editions and two artist proofs. It is printed on a premium archival quality Fuji Crystal Archive mat fine art paper installed on a aluminium-dibond ultraHD back panel with a multi aluminium panel for suspension. It comes hand-signed and numbered with a registered Hahnemühle certificate of authenticity.

'A Day With The Kings' has been published in 2020 in online media.

Series description:
Close your eyes. Imagine the sound of walking on fresh snow. Snowflakes caressing your face. A cold breeze calming your fired up cheeks. Your heart pounding from hiking the 30% elevation on icy and deeply snowed alpine terrain. The views immersed into a neutral density. Pure solitude. Pure nature. Your mind is free and just taking in the magic. You're in the present - taking it all in. Your eyes are wandering over the vast mountain region. The views discover dense clouds dancing with spotlighted peaks to a melody only solitary souls can hear. Watching glacier rivers crawling their way through the snow to suddenly vanish into the unknown. Listening to the roaring of cracking ice from the frozen alpine lake under your feet. You're pushing on to higher grounds altough your muscles are screaming for mercy, drained and sore from balancing on steep icy tracks. After reaching over 10k feet you're glancing fleetingly at the raw mountain faces and there they are, gracefully overlooking their kingdom. Your pain is gone in an instance and adrenalin takes over. They're moving closer and closer towards you and you're getting into a respectful pose on your knees, showing them how grateful you are for their kindness and toleration. Minutes of exchanging looks and sounds pass until they're seeking higher grounds, leaving you feeling humbled and in inner peace. With the memory of the kings admirably gazing at their kingdom the same way you did ealier, you're making your way to the valley again - feeling connected and one with nature.

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