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Lets explore the alps together!


Hi, I am Dominique and I am an international multi award winning landscape photographer and the heart and soul of Wildalps Adventures.

The mountains and especially the alps have always fascinated me. From a young age, in every country I lived in and travelled to, I was always drawn to those giants and their surroundings. Nature in general, but mostly mountain regions, are taking me to an elevated state of mind, a profound feeling of secureness, strength and inner peace.

Almost a decade ago I chose the Swiss alps as my playground. The beauty and diversity of Switzerland is mindblowing to me. The accumulation of majestic mountains above 4km (13.5k ft) a.s.l., the thousands of roaring waterfalls and unique shaped mountain lakes and fascinating glaciers are absolutely stunning. Between all of this natural beauty you will find historical churches, rural wooden cabins, impressive mountain passes and masterpieces of Swiss enigineering on the highest peaks the European continent has to offer. This is what I fell in love with in Switzerland along with the quality of life.

I enjoy spending as much time in the mountains as possible: hiking, breathing, thinking and taking photos of the beauty surrounding me. For photography I try to catch as many sunrises and sunsets as I can. One Wildalps Adventure at a time! Would you like to join me and experience a Swiss mountain photography adventure? 

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Cheers, Dominique aka @wildalps

Artist Bio:

"Wildalps is a multi award winning exhibiting fine art photographer, highly passionate about dramatic alpine landscapes and the magic those giants embody. Playing with light and shadow, different perspectives and techniques to tell emotionally captivating photographic stories is her signature.

Her photographs take beholders on a journey to higher grounds, were the air is fresh and filled with the scent of new beginnings, portraying the beauty of nature in her purest form. Wildalps takes inspiration from nature, universal energies and alpine terrain were she captures grand landscapes, but also more intimite frames and closeups.

Her fine art works have been associated with the works of Ansel Adams (from Saatchi Art) and Karl Christian Ludwig Hofer - Magic Realism is her artistic home. All landscapes are real and can be visited; She does not create composites or photo collages, just very minimal post processing. Wildalps believes in showcasing Mother Earth's true beauty, documenting alpine regions for future generations and nature preservation. With her art, Wildalps is sending out visual meditative impulses of transformation into the universe through her Alpine Magic Realism, looking to manifest world freedom:

""Creating portals of light drawn on the blockchain,

documenting IRL magic on web3,

building visual bridges between two worlds

through Alpine Magic Realism photography

to manifest world freedom...

until my last breath.""


In addition Wildalps is pushing the boundaries of fusion art & spreading the word about punk6529 Open Metaverse philosophy with The Art Memes, spotlighting the art & NFT community & bringing educational value with Wildalps OM WILD & FREE Community buildings & event space, pioneering in true decentralization & empowering the art & NFT community with NeonRain marketplace and Collection Lists, to name a few of her focus initiatives.

 Awards / Prizes / Exhibitions

2024, Jan. 25ft, Neal Digital Gallery Superrare Space, Non-Funged Moments, Classic Photography Exhibition, XIDAN JOYCITY, Beijing, China

2024, Jan. 20 - 27. Linked Between Worlds, Dimensions DAO, The Social Hub, Florence, Italy

2023, Oct. 27 - 28, Let Art Be, Photography Exhibition, Lezar BCN Art Week during the European Blockchain, Barcelona, Spain

2023, Sep. 9 -10, JOURNEY BEYOND, Art In Space art gallery, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2023, April 12-14, #NFTNYC2023 Community Artist Showcase, Artists Village at NFT.NYC, North Javits, Hudson Yards, NYC, USA

2023, Feb. 10th - 17th, NEAL DIGITAL Gallery, Special Edition Photography NFT IRL exhibition, „Forever Framed", #DANY2023, Beijing, China

2023, Jan, NFT Yearbook, Part 8, Interview & 1/1 Book Cover, featured alongside punk6529, FVCKRENDER, Gary Sumner

2023, Jan 24th - 31st, WILD & FREE Phantasia IRL exhibition at NABU Crypto Art Exhibition, Paris, France

2023, Jan 5th, WILD & FREE debut on NiftyGateway, Phantasia drop & oncyber virtual exhibition

2022, Dec 21, Property`s Gallery, Creator`s Voyage, featured alongside Fidel Amos

2022, Dec. 16, Me Llamo Art, 1st curated gallery "Wintertide" by Jenna Dixon Photo, featured alongside Cath Simard, Rach Stewart, Isabella Tabacchi etc.

2022, Sep. 30 - Oct. 14, NFTPhotographers, BW Photography exhibition in collaboration with P46 Gallery

2022, Sep, 23, Meta Gala, Basemint Gang @ PRJCT featured alongsite Patrick Amadon, Beeple, XCOPYART

2022, July, Cryptinish curated collection showcased @ The Crypt Gallery, DREAM, downtown NYC, USA with 5 artworks

2021, Dec, Master Photographers International, 7th annual International Image Challenge (3 gold + 3 silver medals, 1 bronze medal)

2021, Dec, Certificates Of Artistic Achievements as recignition of high artistic quality, The Museum Of Art Pinacotheque,  Kingdom Luxembourg, Luxembourg Art Prize 2021

2021, Dec 3rd, Art Basel Miami, Umba Daima Gallery, Miami

2021, Sep 27th. permanently, "Digital Permanent Exhibition", Atelier Natália Gromicho, Portugal

2021, July 31th - August 6th, NFT ART WEEK- STRATOSPHERE Physical Exihibition", Neal Digital Gallery, Beijing

2021, August, POWER OF CREATIVITY - ART PRIZE, Contemporary Art Curator Magazine, online

2021, June 14 - Oct.. 14,, Online Exhibition "River of Dreams", Contemporary Art Curator Magazine

2021, Mai 27 - 30, Tokyo Art Expo, Shibuya, Tokyo

2020, Dec, Certificates Of Artistic Achievements as recignition of high artistic quality, The Museum Of Art Pinacotheque,  Kingdom Luxembourg, Luxembourg Art Prize 2020

1st Place (Gold), Nature, Still Awards 2020

"In cerca di un posto nel mondo", ROCCART Gallery, Nov. 3 - Dec. 31, 2020, Florence, Italy;

2nd Place (Silver), Special/Travel /Wanderlust, International Photo Award 2020

2 x Bronze, Landscape, Rise Photo Awards 2020

Bronze, Fine Art/Landscape, Moscow International Foto Award 2020

Bronze, Night Photography, Fine Art Photography Awards 2020

Honorable Mention, Nature/Landscape, Moscow International Foto Award 2020

Honorable Mention, Special/Night Photography, International Photo Award 2020

Honorable Mention, Fine Art/Landscape, Neutral Density Awards 2020

Honorable Mention, Night Photography, Neutral Density Awards 2020

Honorable Mention, Nature/Landscapes, Neutral Density Awards 2020

Nominee, Landscape, Fine Art Photography Award 2020

1st Prize Winner, Landscape, RRS Photography Contest 2020

Participation: Swiss Art Expo, 20. - 24. August 2020, Zürich, Switzerland

Semi-Finalist, ARTBOX.PROJECT ZÜRICH 2.0, Zürich, Switzerland